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Petalo Il Vino dell’Amore, the “Wine of Love,” adds an irresistibly romantic sparkle to any occasion. Produced by the Bottega family, this delicately sweet sparkling wine is crafted from Moscato grapes grown in northeast Italy’s Colli Euganei region, nestled between two fabled cities
of love, Verona and Venice.

Wild roses, like the one depicted on this bottle, grow among the Moscato vines in Colli Euganei and impart a pretty floral aroma to the grapes. This scent of roses subtly perfumes the wine, together with fragrant notes of peach and apple. 

Petalo is beautifully balanced on the palate,
with fresh fruit flavors and fine, persistent bubbles. Whether the occasion is formal or impromptu, Petalo Il Vino dell’Amore is the perfect way to celebrate with family and friends.

Delightful as an aperitif or enjoyed with brunch and desserts such as custards, fruit tarts and ice cream.


Price $34.00