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Louis Roederer Champagne Rose Champagne 2011

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A light, bright and clear rosé.

Fabulous! Fine, steady stream of bubbles, evenly distributed across the glass.

Complex bouquet dominated by an almost minty freshness combined with zesty fruit, wild strawberry and raspberry.

The nose opens out to reveal spicy and smoky notes, characteristic of the Pinot noirs grown in Cumières, along with aromas of dried fruit, roasted almonds and cocoa beans. Underlying saline notes, reminiscent of sea spray.

On the palate the wine is soft and smooth yet also piercingly fresh. A well-integrated wine with excellent body, pleasant freshness, long length and delicate mouthfeel. The body softens gradually and coats the palate with a velvety smoothness underpinned by a pleasant salinity and delicate hints of tannin from the flesh and skins of the Pinot noir grape. The finish is fresh, long and very persistent. 

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