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Bombay & Tonic RTD's

The Perfect Serve Where Ever You Are


The great Bombay Sapphire have released their Bombay Sapphire Gin & Tonic RTD. Coming in at 5.4% alcohol per 275ml bottle, it's the perfect light refresher to take you from work-mode to relaxed in a bottle or two. Each drink is packed with Bombay's refreshing juniper-led gin, topped with bright citrus notes and a vibrant, floral finish – making it not only attractive in appearance with its striking blue-tinged transparency, but in taste too. These gin and tonic bottles currently retail at $5EA


Bombay & Tonic 10% Cans

Double the serve, Double the flavour. 

Bombay Gin and Tonic Fiji RTD


BOMBAY & TONIC 10% is the world’s first-ever double-serve gin RTD.

BOMBAY & TONIC 10% follows the successful launch of the 4-pack BOMBAY & TONIC bottle in 2019. BOMBAY & TONIC 10%, which is available in a 4-pack of cans, combines a double-serve of the brand’s London Dry Gin, balanced with tonic water, and is best enjoyed either straight from the can or poured over ice with a refreshing squeeze of lime. The 10% cans retail at $7EA