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We are Fiji’s only dedicated wine importer and over the past 20 years we have built an international portfolio of award-winning wines from Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and the United States.

Our selection of wines span simple varietal table wines to Museum releases and unique wines, cellared to gain even greater age and depth. This is reflected in the wide price range also.

Some of the wines we import have established and highly respected reputations and others are from more recently established wineries that are contemporary and innovative.


We import a selection of top international beer labels as well as some boutique New Zealand beers and ciders. We also supply a range of local beers including Fiji Bitter and Fiji Gold, as well as Vonu – a handcrafted boutique local lager.



We work closely with Flavio’s Italian Food to provide an excellent range of Italian cheeses from well known brands Provolone Dolce and Mauri, and a selection of meats including salame, parma ham, coppa parma, pancetta coppapa, flown directly from Italy. 

We also have a range of Australian boutique cheeses from a range of brands, including Jindi, Kings Islands, MV Vint, South Cape, Yarra Valley and Old Telegraph Road.

These are the perfect, delicious accompaniment to the great range of wines available from our shops in Suva, Nadi and Denarau.



We have a wide range of soft drinks but specialize in a unique series of carbonated fruit drinks from the boutique brewery – Macs in New Zealand. This range includes a Green Apple, Lemon Crush, Feijoa & Pear and Ginger Beer, all specially brewed without preservatives of artificial flavorings.

We also supply Fiji Water. The natural filtration process of this product introduces a mineral silica that contributes to Fiji Water’s distinctly soft, smooth “mouthfeel”.


We offer a wide range of spirits and liqueurs and a good selection of single malts from Scotland.